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Lucy Shuker Joins iPRO As Official Athlete

iPRO Hydrate is a thirst quenching healthy hydration drink naturally sweetened with stevia. Placing wellbeing at the heart of its chosen ingredients, iPRO Hydrate is enriched with a daily dose of vitamins in fruity flavours that are refreshing to drink.

On her partnership with iPRO, Lucy commented:

“I am absolutely over the moon to join the iPRO family. I am so grateful for their support, backing me and helping me reach a career-high of World No.5 again in 2022. Hydration is incredibly important in tennis and as an elite athlete, I have to be so careful of what I put into my body. Their products are endorsed by Informed Sport and offer a healthier option than other hydration drinks as they are formulated with natural spring water and sweetened with plant-based Stevia. The range of flavours is amazing. My personal favourite is Mango!”

Wheelchair tennis is an exciting sport of speed, positioning and sharp thinking. Like all sports, optimal hydration is key to a winning performance which Lucy knows well from her experience on the court. She will be fuelling up with bottles of iPRO Sport Edition as she prepares for Wimbledon 2022, plus her fifth Paralympics in Paris scheduled for 2024.

Sophie Christy, iPRO Global Commercial Director, said on the announcement:

“We are delighted to welcome Lucy Shuker to iPRO as our latest brand ambassador. Lucy is joining some big names in the world of sport who work with iPRO, and her achievements to date place her up in a calibre of distinct talent. As a company, we are a huge advocate for women in sport. We look forward to keeping Lucy hydrated as she prepares for Wimbledon 2022.”


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