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Symprove Partnership for Wimbledon 2022

Lucy partners with Symprove to promote their new strawberry & raspberry flavour ahead of this year's Wimbledon Championships.

Speaking about her partnership with Symprove, Lucy said:

"I’ve followed the Symprove story online for a while now. As a paraplegic I am incredibly aware of the importance of managing my gut health and looking after my body and there were so many people saying such good things about this product. Following some health issues of my own I reached out to Symprove to discuss it with them, and they were so approachable, helpful and eager to help. I’ve been using the product now for around 8 weeks and I definitely feel I am starting to see improvements and reaping the rewards."

Symprove is a unique, water-based food supplement. It is packed full of live, active bacteria. Because Symprove is water-based, it doesn’t trigger digestion. More live and active bacteria surviving passage through the stomach means a better opportunity to colonise the gut. This ability to deliver thriving bacteria is what makes Symprove so special.

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