Lucy is an impressive and accomplished motivational speaker. She has an inspiring story to tell and is able to engage and motivate audiences as an ambassador and role model for Paralympic Sport.

Lucy brings an easy approach and natural charm to all of her personal appearances and delivers a compelling account of how she came to terms with an event that would change her life forever.

Lucy can tailor her talk to any occasion to ensure that she empowers workforces, schools and clubs or groups of people with her inspiring story which has fascinating parallels in many walks of life. Lucy is passionate about helping build the profile of disability sport around the world and raising awareness of the opportunities for disabled athletes and inspiring people to strive for success no matter what life throws at them.

A T4 paraplegic wheelchair user, Lucy is also eager to help shape the culture and attitude towards accessibility and disability. Traveling extensively as an athlete Lucy can offer a first hand insight into coping with disability and has a real passion to assist companies with ensuring their disability provisions and interaction provide the appropriate accessibility requirements and needs of disabled customers and employees.

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